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what is that stuck to that mans face?
How much damage could one alien do on a spaceship? Well, lots when it was an unrelenting killing machine with acid blood and a penchant for laying eggs in its victims chest. Ridley Scott's epic extraterrestrial comes alive this Halloween with our selection of Alien costumes, complete with snapping inner jaws, bulbous head, and sharp claws! Since an Aliens costume is no easy feat to make yourself, we've got latex Alien masks and body suits to help you along. Be sure to snarl and wave that spiky tail of yours and top if off with green Alien blood for the splatter factor and you're set to run amok. And if you're playing prey, try a face hugger mask to affix to your face while its tail lays eggs in your chest. Add a chest burster alien burrowing out of your ribcage for that extra gross-out factor! Whichever Alien look you go for, you can rest assured that you'll strike fear into your fear victims and show space-faring freight shippers who the dominant species in the universe really is!

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Alien Death Prop

Price: USD $197.91

Alien Face Hugger Mask

Price: USD $47.91

Child Alien Vinyl Mask

Price: USD $13.91

Deluxe Alien Hands

Price: USD $37.91

Deluxe Alien Mask

Price: USD $61.91
Latex mask with mouth open and inner jaw poised to strike.

Predator-Alien Hybrid Deluxe Mask

Price: USD $58.91



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