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shake your coin decorated hips and mesmerize the crowd
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Perhaps you want to spice up your wardrobe and think a harem Halloween costume is a way to wiggle into the trick or treating season. Bejewel yourself in silver coin Egyptian belly dancer costume belts and bracelets and dance the dance of seven veils! With your harem costume, your flowing gown will sparkle like the dessert skies.

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Anklet Gold Bell

Price: USD $3.91

Belt Silver Coin

Price: USD $34.91

Bindi Carded Assorted

Price: USD $3.91
Traditional bindi accents. Assorted, carded.

Bracelet Triangle Slave Silver

Price: USD $9.91

Cutlas Sword

Price: USD $3.91

Epaulettes Gold Pair

Price: USD $14.91

Finger Cymbals

Price: USD $4.91

Genie Lamp

Price: USD $4.91

Jasmine Prestige 4-6

Price: USD $65.91

Jasmine Prestige 7-8

Price: USD $65.91

Mystical Genie Kids Costume 10-12

Price: USD $30.91

Mystical Genie Kids Costume 7-8

Price: USD $30.91


Price: USD $3.91
Economic version is a fine prop for kids.

Tambourine 9 Inch

Price: USD $6.91

Tamina Classic 4X-6X

Price: USD $4.91

Tamina Classic 7-8

Price: USD $4.91



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