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blood guts and gore factor times ten
Blood may be thicker than water but that doesn't mean you need the real deal to have a gory Halloween. You may need buckets of blood for your costume or even as decorations but don't get lost in details. We offer all kinds of Halloween blood from edible blood to blood effects to costume blood and every variety in between, tailored for your bloody needs. Satiate your fake blood lust with our vampire blood. The costume's one thing but vampires are known for their blood-sucking skills. Our Dracula blood comes in blood capsules for that surprise factor and mouth blood to show that your latest meal is still fresh on your lips. Our vampire blood could even be on your collar or the neck of your date, complete with bite marks and undying (literally) loyalty. Browse our own version of a blood bank with multi-purpose stage blood. From filling kitchen sinks, dripping from the ceiling, or marking a fake crime scene, satiate your blood lust with these buckets of blood. So don't let your blood boil looking for the perfect blood effect to slash up the costumed good times this Halloween!

Featured in this category: Halloween Costume Dracula Blood, Vampire Blood & Fake Stage Bloods

Black Zombie Blood Spray 2 Oz

Price: USD $5.91

Blood Capsules

Price: USD $5.91

Blood Capsules 3 Per Card

Price: USD $5.91
Safe and non toxic. Contains 3 capsules.

Blood FX

Price: USD $7.91

Blood Fx Carded

Price: USD $6.91
Normal blood consistency.

Blood Gallon

Price: USD $37.91
Non-toxic, realistic, Hollywood Style Blood. 1 Gallon.

Blood Gel Glitter

Price: USD $5.91

Blood Hollywood Gel 1 Oz

Price: USD $6.91
Blood gel used in Hollywood movies.

Blood Hollywoood Movie 2 Oz

Price: USD $6.91

Blood Pint Plasma Bottle

Sale Price: USD $4.49

Blood Zombie Pint

Price: USD $4.49

Jug Of Blood -Half Gallon

Price: USD $31.91

Magic Blood

Price: USD $17.91

Mehron 3D Gelatin Effects Blood Red

Price: USD $5.91

Mehron Capsules .5 Oz Blood 6 Pink

Price: USD $5.91

Mehron Capsules For Blood 12 Pack

Price: USD $5.91

Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel 0.5 oz

Price: USD $5.91

Mehron Stage Blood .5 oz

Price: USD $5.91

Blood Stage 1 Oz

Price: USD $5.91

Blood Stage 16 Oz

Price: USD $14.91

Blood Stage 4 1/2 Oz

Price: USD $6.91

Mouth Blood

Price: USD $5.91
Great tasting blood for your mouth.

Spray Blood

Price: USD $5.91

Squirt Blood .5 Oz Dark

Price: USD $5.91

Squirt Blood 2 Oz Dark

Price: USD $5.91

Ultimate Blood Kit

Price: USD $5.91



"I LOVE THIS PLACE. I first went to "another website" and their customer service was terrible. Their return policy was, if it doesn't fit, too bad! You can exchange for a different size or sell it on ebay. You guys had better pricing and a MUCH better sizing chart. I spoke with matthew on your hotline and he was EXTREMELY helpful, give him a raise. Thank for everything guys."
Haley Powers - Crocker MO