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See our costume accessories; wings, costume wigs, weapons, wands, staffs and tattoos. You might have your costume idea, but how do you execute it? Where else are you going to find a wig, staff, and tattoos all in one place? Why, here of course! Browse our wide selections of everything you need to complete your next costume and polish your look.

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Halloween Costume Wigs

The clothes only get you so far. So why not jazz up your wardrobe with costume accessories? All the basics are here from Halloween stockings and petticoats to Halloween shoes and boots. Robes, feathered boas, hats, and glasses can all be found in one place.

For a drastic look, flip through our Halloween wigs and hair products or Halloween tattoos. Arm up with our Halloween weapons, wands, and staffs or get angelic with a pair of Halloween wings. Halloween accessories essentially make the look so be daring, mix and match, and always have fun. The clothes are just the fabrics you drape yourself in. To really get your costume cranked, you need to stock up on costume accessories! With Halloween accessories you can fine tune your costume and build it so it works and looks exactly how you want it. And naturally we're here to help you find the perfect accessories to complete your costume.

Costume Accessories & Halloween Costume Addons

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Say you need longer hair or wilder hair or a completely different color. No need to spend a fortune mangling your own beautiful mane, try our selection of wigs and hair. In a variety of colors and styles, our Halloween wigs and hair turn your do from drab to fab! Same goes for your shoes. Why spend a lot on new footwear you'll only wear a few times when we can provide you Halloween shoes and boots that will compliment your costume and turn heads!

And to go with those shoes, we offer Halloween stockings and petticoats, the likes of which you can't find anywhere else! For a more fanciful costume, try our Halloween wings from the animal kingdom or fairy tale lands. Our Halloween weapons, wands, and staffs are safe to use but look like the real thing. And instead of going under the needle, our Halloween tattoos can temporarily ink you without all the pain.

So have a look around and discover our wide variety of costume accessories so you can accessorize and others can recognize!

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"Wig Super Fro Black: Initially, I was disappointed with this since itís package was so compacted. However, my wife worked magic with the Afro pic that was provided and then it sprung to life. Iím a bald man and I loved the laughs that it brought when I wore it! My wife glamed herself all up as a 60ís dancer and rocked that wig too! A lot of fun can be had with it. I wonít be putting it back in to itís package however. Iíll keep it isolated to perseverance its appearance. "
Peter Ryan - Moncton NB, Canada