Couples Costumes
look the same and be bonded for life
Some things are better in two's. Salt and pepper, mustard and ketchup, and of course an adult Halloween costume for couples. For funny couples costumes that complement each other and only work in twosomes, our unique couple Halloween costume ideas can't be beat! There are so many classic Halloween costume idea for couples. From the literal and relationship-coined lock and key, ball and chain, or bun-in-the-over and bun maker, your couples Halloween costume is ready to celebrate your love with some tongue-in-cheek ribbing. And hey, the more the merrier. These couple costumes can be extended to group Halloween costumes. You, your special someone, and all your friends, your group costume will help keeps tabs on everyone while still making a big statement at the Halloween party. Whatever you choose, double your fun this Halloween with these funny couples costumes!"

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Bacon Eggs Adult Couples Costumes

Price: USD $48.91

Ball And Chain Set

A Lasting relationship is connected by love and an iron chain.
Out of stock until Oct

Be Friends Forever

Price: USD $29.91
Best friends can share almost anything, even their Halloween costume.

Brick House Costume

As the female counterpart to the Brick Layer, the Brick House Costume looks hard on the outside, but purrs on the inside.
Out of stock until Oct

Brick Layer Costume

Say all that you want, but this man knows how to lay brick! This comfortable costume is sure to provoke many interesting comments at your next Halloween soiree.
Out of stock until Oct

Bun In Oven

Price: USD $54.91
If you want a bun in the oven, here is one quick way to get one! No, not that kind of bun. . .

Bun Maker

Price: USD $34.91
Everybody loves nice, round buns! This clever chef knows just how to make the most plump, firm buns in town!

Cookies & Milk Adult Couples Costumes

Out of stock until Oct

Ham & Swiss Adult Costume Set

Price: USD $39.91

Homerun Hitter Dress Sm-Md

Batter up! You'll be hitting homeruns all night when you're a slugger with sex appeal.
Out of stock until Oct

Horse 2 Man Adult Costume

Price: USD $175.91

Key To My Heart Couples Adult Costume

Price: USD $39.91

King & Queen Of Hearts Couples Costumes

Price: USD $48.91

Lock And Key Set

Looking for a unique costume that you can wear with your significant other? This suggestive lock and key set is the perfect choice for your next holiday get together!
Out of stock until Oct

Peanut Butter N Jelly Child Costume Set

Price: USD $39.91

Peanut Butter-Jelly Couple Costume

Price: USD $44.91

Plug And Socket Set

Price: USD $44.91

Plug And Socket Set Plus Sz

Price: USD $59.91

Rock Paper Scissor Adult Group Costumes Up To 14

Price: USD $47.91

Rock Paper Scissors Adult Costume Set

Price: USD $49.91

Tooth Fairy & Tooth Adult Couples Costumes

Price: USD $59.91

Z Bull S//T

This Halloween costume cuts right to the chase! This Halloween, choose a look that will leave them laughing and doesn’t take any bull!
Out of stock until Oct

Z Holy S//T

This costume may come with a pair of white wings and a halo, but it will not make you an angel.
Out of stock until Oct

Z No S//T

This off color Halloween costume is just the thing to bring a smile to your fellow celebrator’s faces. Stand out with a look that they will remember.
Out of stock until Oct

Z Tough S//T

Price: USD $36.91
Maybe you want to show them just how hardcore you are, or perhaps you are just looking to make a statement. Either way, this hilarious look will leave them laughing!



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