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quick perform mouth to mouth resuscitation! We're losin' em
Make sure to bring examination equipment with you to the party if you want to take an extra up close and personal look at someone special. Of course, if you want to make things a little more realistic, you can go for syringes, pens, mirrors, IV blood bags, and anything pertaining to the "gore" factor.The guys, of course, don't have all the fun. Girls, too, can get in on the fun with naughty nurse costumes or even sexy doctor costumes of their own. Whatever you need to bring life to the party, we can provide.

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Doctors Mirror

Price: USD $4.95
Comfortable headband with plastic mirror attached.

Dr Shots Md-Lg 10-14

Price: USD $35.95

Dr Shots Sm-Med 2-8

Price: USD $35.95

Mad Scientist Kit

Price: USD $24.95

Midnight Medic Sm

Price: USD $24.95

Naughty Nurse Teen Sz 7 9

Price: USD $28.95
Cause his heartrate to rise with this sexy nurse's uniform.

Nurse Black Vinyl Womens Costume Md

Price: USD $34.95

Nurse Black Vinyl Womens Costume Sm

Price: USD $34.95

Nurse FeLgood Adult Sm

Price: USD $39.95

Nurse Honey Bandages

Price: USD $4.95

Nurse Kit

Price: USD $13.95


Price: USD $12.95



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