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the crystal ball reveals in your near future ...
Gypsy And Fortune Telling Costumes For Little Girls from
One of the most exotic costumes you can wear for Halloween is an kids gypsy woman costume complete with gypsy girl skirt and gypsy fortune telling tarot cards. The wandering gypsies are known for many things but few others than their craft of fortune telling. From behind their crystal balls to their fortune wheels and tarot cards, they can help you see into the future. And if you choose a Gypsy kid costume, we predict this future Halloween will look bright indeed.

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Anklet Gold Bell

Price: USD $3.91

Beads 33In 7 1/2Mm Gold

Price: USD $3.91

Belt Silver Coin

Price: USD $34.91

Bindi Carded Assorted

Price: USD $3.91
Traditional bindi accents. Assorted, carded.

Bracelet Triangle Slave Silver

Price: USD $9.91

Crystal Ball With Stand

Price: USD $14.91

Epaulettes Gold Pair

Price: USD $14.91

Gypsy Child Sz 10

Price: USD $37.91

Gypsy Child Sz 12

Price: USD $37.91

Gypsy Child Sz 6

Price: USD $37.91

Gypsy Child Sz 8

Price: USD $37.91

Gypsy Kids Costume Sm 4-6

Price: USD $19.91

Gypsy Princess Lg

Price: USD $23.91

Gypsy Princess Sm

Price: USD $23.91

Gypsy Rose Child Sm

Price: USD $7.91
The gypsy wagon rolled into town and the beautiful gypsy girl jumped out and began to dance.

Gypsys Spell Kids Costume Lg 12-14

Price: USD $28.91

Gypsys Spell Kids Costume Md 10-12

Price: USD $28.91

Gypsys Spell Kids Costume Sm 8-10

Price: USD $28.91

Headpiece Egyptian Gold

Price: USD $18.91

Mantilla Spanish Black

Price: USD $7.91


Price: USD $3.91
Economic version is a fine prop for kids.

Tambourine 9 Inch

Price: USD $6.91



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