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dust the house in stilettos and fishnet stockings
A well-kept 19th century secret is that French maids – delicious teenagers all – did very little dusting and cleaning up! The lord of the manor kept them so he and his glad-eyed brood had deliciously curvy teen figures flitting about and gave them impish, sexy French maid teen costumes that showed up curvy parts well. Today French maids have gone but teen maid costumes remain as designer 'hot' couture that's quite the ooooh la la party-wear for curvy teenagers – like you!

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Corset Maid Teen

Price: USD $14.91
Mama always told me to clean my room, so being a maid with attitude just comes naturally.

Deluxe Duster

Price: USD $4.91

Dust Bunny Adult Sm

Price: USD $39.91

Dust Bunny Adult Xs

Price: USD $39.91

Feather Duster Pink

Price: USD $3.91

Maid To OReder Sm

Price: USD $51.91

Maid To Tease Teen

Price: USD $14.91
The French Maid look is cute, however this year go for a style that will stand out. Forget the traditional costume and go for something even more alluring!

Mistress Maid Xs

Price: USD $22.91

Oui Oui Adult X Small

Price: USD $34.91
Ohh la la! This year go for the ultimate in sexy Halloween costumes with a French Maid look. Enjoy the looks and turned heads as you enter the Halloween party scene!

Retro French Maid Sm-Md

Price: USD $19.91

Sexy Maid Adult Xs

Price: USD $39.91



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