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I bet that sorority girl won't make it to the end of the film
A drowning victim, the monster who was once Jason Voorhees has been a Hollywood staple starring in eleven films since 1980. And, as such, he's been a standard in Halloween fright every year since. Now what kind of job would be we doing if we didn't supply you with all your Friday the 13th costume needs? To start, you'll need a hockey mask. A beat up, bloody Friday the 13th mask. And look at that, we have several Jason costume masks to choose from! Throw in a Friday 13th Jason machete or chainsaw, some decomposing hands, and you're there. For that finishing touch for any Friday 13th party idea, throw on some blood around and make your Jason costume look like it's dripping water, straight from Crystal Lake. Whatever you choose, choose us for your Friday the 13th inspired Halloween.

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Big Meat Cleaver

Price: USD $16.91

Blood Gallon

Price: USD $37.91
Non-toxic, realistic, Hollywood Style Blood. 1 Gallon.

Blood Pint Plasma Bottle

Sale Price: USD $4.49

Deluxe Jason Mask

Price: USD $53.91

Jason Goblet

Price: USD $6.91

Jason Grate Floor

Price: USD $5.91

Jason Mask Jersey Adult Std

Price: USD $26.91

Jason Wall Window Decal

Price: USD $5.91

Blood Stage 1 Oz

Price: USD $5.91



"Pictures do no justice, this thing was cool."
Gregory Bason - Charlotte, NC