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Rubber Chicken Comedy

Price: USD $11.95

Shark Attack New Style

Price: USD $53.95

Shark Man Eating

Price: USD $71.95

Sperm Tunic Adult

Price: USD $39.95

Super Sperm

Price: USD $59.95

Tassel Twirling Tessie

Price: USD $47.95

The Finger Adult Costume

Price: USD $53.95

The Fire Extinguisher

Price: USD $53.95

Tighty Whitey

Price: USD $29.95

Tinkerbelly Costume

Price: USD $53.95

Trophy Head Bass Costume

Price: USD $29.95

Trophy Head Deer Costume

Price: USD $29.95

Ultimate Boobs

Price: USD $23.95
You'll be stacked, packed, racked up and ready in this ultimate bawdy boobs and butt enhancement costume.

Way High Patrolman

Price: USD $24.95

Way High Patrolman Plus Size

Price: USD $29.95

Weed Man Kit

Price: USD $29.95

Wet T Shirt Costume

Price: USD $39.95
It's time to show what it really takes to win a wet t shirt contest!

When S//T Hits The Fan

Price: USD $34.95
Show them just how bad things have gotten with this crazy costume!

Whoopie Cushion Costume

Price: USD $29.95
Bring the classic gag to life in a way you never thought possible.

Z No S//T

Price: USD $29.95
This off color Halloween costume is just the thing to bring a smile to your fellow celebratorís faces. Stand out with a look that they will remember.

Z Tough S//T

Price: USD $36.95
Maybe you want to show them just how hardcore you are, or perhaps you are just looking to make a statement. Either way, this hilarious look will leave them laughing!

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"Hi this is Megan B. We are calling from Northern Michigan University in Marquette in UP. We found the Costume Cauldron internet searching for Halloween costumes. The website is so organized and it's easy to find costumes and they have very cheap prices. We are looking at buying a gangster outfit and a moulin rouge and it was a great experience."
Megan Bennett - Marquette, MI