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rub'em out on the dancefloor... do the charleston
In the 1920s, a new type of woman emerged and probably went by the name "flapper." Bobbed hair, short skirts and plenty of sass challenged the status quo and changed it forever. Bring those exciting times back with a teen costume fit for a flapper and make the 1920s flapper generation proud. Don't forget the beaded caps and feathers, too.

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Dames Like Us Sm

Price: USD $53.95

Flapper Basic Dress Sm

Price: USD $25.95

Flapper Red Hat

Price: USD $8.95

Flapper Sequin Hat

Price: USD $24.95

Gangster 3 Pc X-Sm

Price: USD $24.95

Gangster Black Tie

Price: USD $5.95

Gangster Hat Black Flocked

Price: USD $5.95

Gangster Shirt Adult Costume One Size

Price: USD $24.95

Gangster Shirt Adult Costume XL

Price: USD $24.95

Gangster Shirt Striped Adult Costume Standard

Price: USD $24.95

Gangster Violin Case

Price: USD $13.95

Gangster White Tie

Price: USD $5.95

Gangster With Dickey Mens Costume Lg 42-44

Price: USD $43.95

Gangster With Dickey Mens Costume Md 40-42

Price: USD $43.95

Midnight Nymph Sm

Price: USD $24.95

Mobster Minx White Xs

Price: USD $54.95
Show everyone just who is boss with this stylish and sexy Chicago mobster costume.

Money Bag

Price: USD $11.95

Under Where Red X Sm

Price: USD $24.95
Tonight, let your underwear be where your overwear was, and where your overwear is where your underwear was.

Wig Flapper Sassy Black

Price: USD $19.95

Wig Fresh Flapper Black

Price: USD $19.95



"Thank you. I received my package Saturday morning. Everything was in good order and the costumes are great. We will enjoy wearing them. Thanks again"
Montez Sattman - Spring Grove, PA