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the scariest night of the year and best movie of the century
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What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a Halloween movie costume? One of the most successful and memorable horror flicks of all time, Halloween has garnered sequels and spin offs and it's all thanks to a simple mask and some dastardly deeds to not-so-savory teens. The success of the film is mostly thanks to the eerie stalker who terrorizes one poor babysitter and her friends. If you put on the Michael Myers mask, you too will get away murder... or at least some party pranks. From babysitter slashing to scream queens to creepy masks, Halloween has it all and encapsulates the horror genre in a bloodbath. So why not stock up on some fake blood and knives to accessorize? With your new Michael Myers costume, ring in Halloween with Halloween... the night he came home!

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Big Meat Cleaver

Price: USD $16.91

Blood Gallon

Price: USD $37.91
Non-toxic, realistic, Hollywood Style Blood. 1 Gallon.

Blood Pint Plasma Bottle

Price: USD $6.91

Halloween 2 Economy Latex Mask

Price: USD $25.91

Halloween II Blood Tears Mask

Price: USD $50.91

HALLOWEEN II Economy Latex Mask

Price: USD $16.91

Halloween III Pumpkin Latex Mask

Price: USD $39.91

Halloween III Skull Latex Mask

Price: USD $42.91

Halloween III Witch Latex Mask

Price: USD $47.91

Knife Bleeding

Price: USD $5.91

Knife W Sound Classic Horror

Price: USD $5.91

Blood Stage 1 Oz

Price: USD $4.91

Michael Myers Rob Zombie Mask

Price: USD $39.91

Michael Myers W Mask Dlx XXL

Price: USD $49.91

Rob Zombie Latex Mask

Price: USD $50.91

Sexy Halloween Womens Lg

Price: USD $9.91

Sexy Halloween Womens Md

Price: USD $9.91

Sexy Halloween Womens Sm

Price: USD $9.91



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