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the singing sensation to revive the musical genre
What happens when athletes and math geeks collide? It's High School Musical! Disney's most successful television feature comes alive with our wildly popular High School Halloween costumes. And whether you want to be Troy, Gabriella, or any of their friends, we have High School Musical costumes that would definitely make the grade. First pick out who you think you'd like to be. A sporty Troy costume? A nerdy yet pretty Gabriella costume? Or maybe add some sass with our Sharpay costumes. The choice is yours! So let this be the start of something new and try on one of our authentic High School Musical costumes!

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Gabriella Deluxe Child Lg

Price: USD $20.95
Gabriella was so excited about being in the play with Troy, but her show may not go on.

Gabriella Dress Child Lg

Price: USD $20.95
Gabriella is about to start something new and Troy sings along too.

Gabriella Dress Child Md

Price: USD $24.95
Gabriella is about to start something new and Troy sings along too.

Gabriella Star Dazzle Child Large

Price: USD $20.95
“Star” in your very own High School Musical!

Gabriella Sunglass Headpiece

Price: USD $13.95

Sharpay Deluxe Hi Adult Med

Price: USD $29.95
This glamorous Halloween costume is sure to leave you singing! If you love musicals, you will simply adore this bright and original design!

Sharpay Deluxe Hi Child Small

Price: USD $29.95
Bigger is Better and Better is Bigger and a Little bit is never Enough!

Sharpay Golf Costume Child Small

Price: USD $27.95
Sharpay has more moves then an octopus in a wrestling match!

Sharpay Sunglass Headpiece Set

Price: USD $13.95
Movie style sunglasses with flower look headpiece.

Troy Warmup St Deluxe Md

Price: USD $20.95
When you're a High School Musical kid, you have to warm up both your moves on the court, and your singin pipes too.



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