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is that a disco ball in the graveyard?
Halloween isn't a time to blare on all the lights. Nor is it appropriate to turn off all your lamps. People will think you're just not home. It's about subtlety and eerie glows and deep shadows. Sound complicated? Don't worry, it isn't and we're here to help.DJ strobe lights aren't just for clubs anymore, they can also simulate lightening just like disco lights can scatter it around. Colored stage lights can bathe your home in deep blood reds or creepy gross greens while a black light will give anything white a punch of fluorescent light.For the more traditional with a modern twist, try our pumpkin lights. A jack-o-lantern light gives your gourd more pizzazz and fiber optics make it more fun! And don't fret about installation, we've got some helpful options in that department too. So give Christmas a run for it's money and show how a well-lit place can really set the Halloween mood.

Featured in this category: Disco Light, Black Light & Pumpkin Strobe Lights

50 Foot Extension Cord

Price: USD $25.95

Blacklight Bulb 75 Watts

Price: USD $3.95

Candelabra Flicker Light Bulb

Price: USD $4.95

Egyptian Chamber Torch

Price: USD $57.95

Led Candleabra Silver

Price: USD $23.95

Light Up Lamp

Price: USD $17.95
Light Halloween night with this bright lantern! Cemeteries are less scary with this accessory.

Prismagic Crystal Splendor Lamp

Price: USD $103.95

Skull Candle Holder

Price: USD $16.95

Skull Lantern Light Up

Price: USD $26.95

Sparkle Snowflakes-Peacock

Price: USD $126.95

Standard Flicker Bulb

Price: USD $4.95

Strobe 360 Blue

Price: USD $29.95

Strobe Light Screw In

Price: USD $16.95

Synchro Lights Icicle

Price: USD $34.95

Synchro Lights-S-12-Icicle

Price: USD $44.95

Teddy Bear Takes Gift Box

Price: USD $53.95

White Blood Dripping Candles

Price: USD $21.95



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