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be the tightest joe on the planet, the rypest ho don't panic
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Gold and bling, pimps and hos unite! The fashion statement to silence all others comes from the world of an adult pimp Halloween costume. Start off your adult pimp costume with the threads, yo. Loud colors, furry jackets, and feathers transform your regular wear into an pimp daddy Halloween costume!

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70s Funky Tuxedo Pastel Yellow Mens Adult Costume

Price: USD $69.91

Adult Pimp Hat- Black

Price: USD $9.91

Adult Pimp Hat- Lime Green

Price: USD $9.91

Bat Dress Suit & Tie Adult Xl

Price: USD $83.91

Big Daddy Gem Tooth

Price: USD $5.91
Great special effects dental appliance.

Big Daddy Inferno Lg

Price: USD $39.91
This pimp is lighting a fire with desire for you.

Big Daddy Instant Costume

Price: USD $9.91

Big Daddy Purple

Price: USD $39.91
This is one pimp that really knows how to stand out in a crowd.

Big Daddy Xlg

Price: USD $49.91
This pimp is a bit more on the classy side, even if he still likes to show off his money.

Big Link Neck Chain

Price: USD $8.91

Brown Party Rock Wig

Price: USD $9.91

Dollar Necklace

Price: USD $5.91

Dollar Ring

Price: USD $5.91

Father Pimp Costume Large

Price: USD $24.91
This father heads a congregation that aims to please!

Gangster Hat Black Md

Price: USD $49.91

Gangster Hat Black Sm

Price: USD $49.91

Gangster Hat Brown Lg

Price: USD $43.91

Gangster Hat Brown Xl

Price: USD $51.91

Gold Chain

Price: USD $5.91

Gold Tooth Cap

Price: USD $5.91
For a real "polished" look. Fits right on your own tooth.

Gold Vest Lg

Price: USD $20.91

Gold Vest Standard

Price: USD $20.91

Imperial Black Mens Goatee

Price: USD $8.91

Inflatable Boom Box

Price: USD $11.91

Medallion Big Daddy Dollar

Price: USD $5.91

Mens Pimp Leopard Style Shoe Sz10

Price: USD $37.91

Pimp Shirt Gold

Price: USD $23.91

Pimp Shirt Silver

Price: USD $23.91

Purple Adult Top Hat

Price: USD $5.91

Rap Style Instant Costume

Price: USD $10.91

Rapper Goatee

Price: USD $6.91
A simple mustache can change your looks and personality.

Rings Big Money Bling

Price: USD $5.91

Scorpion Cane

Price: USD $31.91

Wig Lil Gansta

Price: USD $18.91

Zebra Pink Hat

Price: USD $17.91
Zebra look hat with marabou trim and pink feather attached.

Zoot Hat Black W Wt Md

Price: USD $49.91
Classic gangster hat with white band. Durable felt hat.



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