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what do you get when you cross an crocodile and a Rastafarian?
Infamous for hunting dangerous species for sport, Predator has spawned movies, comics, and toys but we're here to show off some deadly and daring Predator costumes! With dreadlock tentacles for hair, mandibles that open to reveal their fangs, and reptilian skin, you'll need help pulling off an adult Predator costume. Start off with their armor. A kids predator costume comes with their protective gear, mesh clothing, and trophy skulls from a successful kill. As for the face? Unless you're a science fiction makeup artist, try our Predator masks to make the transformation complete. We even carry their form-fitting helmets and gloves to finish the look. And since they have such a long history in cinema, try our Predator movie costumes such as the Predator/Alien hybrid mask that brings the best (or worst) of both worlds! So there's no need for an honourable nuclear suicide, your hunt for a Predator costume is over. And, like them, you'll be wearing your prize out this Halloween.

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Child Predator Hands

Price: USD $23.91

Child Predator Helmet 3/4 Mask

Price: USD $12.91

Deluxe Predator Hands

Price: USD $34.91

Deluxe Predator Mask

Out of stock until Oct

Predator Adult 3-4 Vinyl Mask

Price: USD $11.91

Predator Adult Costume

Out of stock until Oct

Predator Adult Standard

Price: USD $109.91

Predator Child 3-4 Vinyl Mask

Price: USD $9.91

Predator Dlx Latex Mask

Price: USD $54.91

Predator Face Mask

Out of stock until Oct

Predator Purple Costume Mask

Price: USD $69.91

Predator-Alien Hybrid Deluxe Mask

Price: USD $54.91

Predator-Alien Hybrid Gloves

Price: USD $34.91



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"This is Luke from LA. I got my costume, just got it in the mail the other day. It came a lot sooner than I thought it would. It's exactly what I ordered. The service was wonderful. Wanted to say thank you!"
Luke Parsons - Los Angeles, CA