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Go all out and make your production or your fun house the talk of the town. Our stage props, haunted house props and supplies are what you'll need to bring it all together. Take your next Halloween party up a notch this year with some of our deluxe props. These deluxe Halloween props are a step up from rubber spiders or pumpkin candy jars. This is the place where you can stir up some real frights, wow your guests, and stand proud amongst the neighbours' attempts at decorating. Yes, this year is your year to shine with deluxe Halloween props!

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First, think dramatic. Take a look at what's ambitiously done in film and television. Then try and mimic that. Don't worry about computer generated effects, we've got a whole slew of movie props and theatre props. Our stage props look and feel just like the real thing so show it off! Turn your home into a haunted mansion with photo studio props. The trickery of photography props blend in but will catch your guests off guard. Haunted house props disguise the ordinary with a Halloween twist.Turn your home into a den of horrors with these theatrical props and props from beyond the grave!

Your Halloween ain't no kids' party so do horror right with a dead corpse prop! With varying degrees of decay and a variety of shapes, sizes, and worm-ridden goodness, the centrepiece for your next Halloween party can be none other than a dead body prop.Sometimes a little freak and creep can't be beat. Take a stroll done our eerie online aisles to find the perfect freak Halloween prop that will really get people talking. Use it to serve entrees, greet guests at the front door, or maybe spin the dead body for a sexy good time. Whatever your sick and demented heart desires, our body props deliver!

Canned cobwebs and paper witches will only take you so far with Halloween planning. For that extra wow factor, look up our Halloween props. Categorized in handy sections to find everything you need quick, your haunted house props and theatre props are all here in one party prop shop!

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If you're looking for horror props to scare up some good times, look no further. Horror movie props, alien props, and horroriffic stage props all come together in one haunted house of quality theatrical props! Freddy, Jason, severed heads, skeletons, and any other scary stage prop your Halloween graveyard needs is creeping and crawling here waiting for you. For authentic movie props from your favorite films, you'll squeal at our real and reel film props.

Star Wars, Batman, Superman, and Lord of the Rings all meet under one roof for the movie or TV prop you've been craving! Even if you're looking to make your own film, try our photography props! Whatever vision you have, these photo studio props are as ready for action as you are.

Snazz up your next Halloween party, film set, or even just your living room with our great selection of props that look as lifelike as the real thing. It's almost like you're there!

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