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don't talk with your mouth full of puppet
A time-honoured classic, puppets and ventriloquism have been around since storytelling began and puppet shows continue to entertain and bemuse us! They even come in all shapes and sizes from finger puppets to sock puppets, even graduating up to string puppets. They can be used for puppet theatre or ventriloquism. Whatever use you find for it, they make for a big felt-covered splash!You may wish to start simple with a cute animal puppet or child puppet. These can be operated by string or with just a hand. You can be a little macabre and try on an alien or zombie baby puppet or even take the center puppet stage with a horror-iffic Stalkaround puppet that will tower over the rest.Whatever your puppet flavour, have fun with it and hope they're safe for the laundry.

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Airblown Animated Pumpkin Eyes

Price: USD $98.95

Baby Gorilla Arm Puppet

Price: USD $58.95

Baby Orangutan Arm Puppet

Price: USD $58.95

Big Fat Goose Arm Puppet

Price: USD $58.95

DVD How To Be A Ventriloquist

Price: USD $35.95

Mouse Finer Puppet Vinyl

Price: USD $3.95

Mouthy Mouth Finger Puppet

Price: USD $10.95

Nocturna Puppet Latex

Price: USD $61.95

Puppet Brandon The Clown 28In

Price: USD $43.95

Puppet Chris The Black Crow

Price: USD $26.95

Puppet Doctor 28In

Price: USD $51.95

Puppet Jane 28 Inch

Price: USD $51.95

Puppet Mind Read Magician 28In

Price: USD $67.95

Puppet Sean 28 Inch

Price: USD $51.95

Vent Figure Jr Male

Price: USD $434.95

Vent Figure Lester

Price: USD $94.95

Vent Figure Mortimer Snerd

Price: USD $94.95

Ventriloquism Made Easy

Price: USD $17.95

Ventriloquism Plus Tv Ticklers

Price: USD $5.95

Werewolf Puppet

Price: USD $62.95

Zombie Zack Latex Puppet

Price: USD $61.95



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