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sticks and stones may break my bones but I'll be able to hang them

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Skeleton Hands With Cloth

Price: USD $5.91

Skeleton Playing Banjo 39 In

Price: USD $89.91

Skeleton Playing Guitar 40 In

Price: USD $89.91

Skeleton Spider Prop

Price: USD $24.91

Skeleton Steel Gray 35 In

Price: USD $16.91

Skeleton Vulture

Price: USD $27.91

Skull Bloody Resin

Price: USD $19.91

Skull Door Hanger

Price: USD $58.91

Skull Economy Glo In Dark

Price: USD $7.91

Skull Giant Hang Polyfoam

Price: USD $29.91

Skull Mug

Price: USD $5.91

Skull Pitcher

Price: USD $5.91

Skull Prop

Price: USD $12.91

Skull Prop Lg

Price: USD $21.91

Sonic Realistic Skeleton Cat

Price: USD $20.91

Splitting Head Prop

Price: USD $31.91

Stage Feet

Price: USD $14.91

Stage Hands

Price: USD $13.91

Talking Skeleton

Price: USD $129.91

Wicked Witch Legs Prop 18In

Price: USD $15.91

Witch Poly Foam Head

Price: USD $14.91

Zombie Fingers

Price: USD $5.91

Zombie Foot Prop

Price: USD $4.49

Zombie Hand Prop

Price: USD $5.91

Zombie Hand Stakes

Price: USD $23.91

Zombie Poly Foam Head

Price: USD $14.91

Zombie Rotted Latex Hands

Price: USD $22.91

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"My name is Alicia Rabbitt. I found Costume Cauldron on Google. I phoned customer service about the products. I haven't ordered my costume yet. I had questions about it regarding the petticoat and different parts of it. The customer service there was great. He actually went and pulled the costume right out and looked at it to tell me if what I was looking at was included. I do plan on buying the Alpine Girl costume this year. Hopefully it will all work out and be great. I definitely will be using them again in the future. Thank you very much."
Alicia Rabbitt - Edgartown, MA