Synthetic Wig Styling & Care

When you buy a synthetic wig you will need to do some preparation before wearing it. Because most wigs have been in a package on the shelf for some time they usually need a little freshening up. We have compiled a list of DO's and DON'TS when caring for your wig.

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-Shorter wigs can be shaken to add volume
-Longer wigs can be combed or finger styled
-It is ok to use Hairspray, Pomade, or Styling "Glue" to style
-Hand held steamers can be used for styling ~ great for straight looks
-Add a light oil based spray conditioner to add shine
-Only use a wig shampoo for washing ~ Dry wig on a wire drying rack before styling
-Store wig in a box or on a wig stand to prevent it from flattening
-You may use a wig cap to help the wig stay in place ~ use clips or hair pins to affix the wig to the cap
-You may use spirit gum for those styles that show a hairline. ~ gluing down the hairline along the top or gluing down sideburns on men's wigs. Be sure to also use the proper remover to remove any spirit gum residue from your skin and the wig lining after every use.

-Never use high heat on a synthetic wig, it will melt ~ E.g. blow-dryer, curling, straightening iron, or even an open oven will damage the fiber and ruin the wig
-Never comb the wig while it's wet
-Never brush a curly style ~ Use your fingers or a comb to style, brushing the curls will cause frizzing
-Never use Mousse or Gel, they will not work on synthetic wigs and may cause flaking

With the proper care and storage your wig can last a long time without fading. Use these handy tips to extend the life and the look of your wig.