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miniture role models and gigantic sized super heros
Capes and cowls, creeps and creatures, Hollywood has given us some of the best sources of horror and fantasy so it comes as no surprise that we'd offer your favourite Halloween props from TV, movies, and comic books. Any movie prop, theatrical prop, or TV prop you clamour for is right here.Let's start with the horror movie props. Frankenstein all the way to Freddy are represented in Halloween prop form. Predator and Aliens horror props bring a science fiction element with Jason slashing his way for attention.Superman and Batman make for great comic props while the Phantom of the Opera is always a classic theatre prop. From the big screen to your next scream, we can help you recreate the Hollywood glam with photo studio props and film props of all types and prices. Just consider us your one stop prop shop.

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Airblown Mickey In Santa Suit

Price: USD $114.95

Clacker Hollywood Movie

Price: USD $13.95
Fill size 10 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. Looks like the real thing.

Freddy Krueger Bust

Price: USD $199.95

Jason Bust

Price: USD $199.95

Roswell Alien Bust

Price: USD $67.95

Yoda Prop Edition

Price: USD $637.95



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