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real women have curves and shake it on the dance floor XL up to 4X

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Vital Signs Xl Size 14-16

Price: USD $19.91
This sexy nurse is sure to make any man's pulse start to race.

Voo Doo Priestess Adult Costume XL

Price: USD $53.91

Warrior Elf Xl

Price: USD $38.91

Warrior Huntress Adult Costume Xl

Price: USD $42.91

Wild Adult Costume Xl 16-18

Price: USD $39.91

Wild At Heart Xlarge

Price: USD $23.91

Witch Classic Deluxe Adult Costume XL

Price: USD $58.91

Witch Darling Spellcaster Adult X

Price: USD $59.91

Witch Darling Spellcasterad Xl

Price: USD $49.91

Witch Pink & Black Womens Costume Xl

Price: USD $24.91

Wizard Wanda 1X To 2X

Price: USD $29.91

Wonder Woman Plus Size

Price: USD $63.91
This rich design is a wonder in itself! Let your inner super hero run free in a look that will knock them out cold!

Wonderwoman Shirt Xlg

Price: USD $22.91

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"Wig Super Fro Black: Initially, I was disappointed with this since itís package was so compacted. However, my wife worked magic with the Afro pic that was provided and then it sprung to life. Iím a bald man and I loved the laughs that it brought when I wore it! My wife glamed herself all up as a 60ís dancer and rocked that wig too! A lot of fun can be had with it. I wonít be putting it back in to itís package however. Iíll keep it isolated to perseverance its appearance. "
Peter Ryan - Moncton NB, Canada