On this Hollow’s night when the moon is so bright, our Costume Cauldron is brewing, what a delightful sight! Our spell on sale items, such powerful magic, in hopes your party night won’t be so tragic. An annual Sales Section, both big and small, you'll find a cool blend of LegAvenue costumes, discounted for all.  

halloween 2014

Every year you’ll get hunted by a dilemma on what to wear for a costume party when you get squeezed out of fresh ideas in your head. If you get bored by wearing the trivial costumes, don’t get distressed. New items for 2014 is the best section to check out the latest costume and decoration ideas. This section contains a plethora of exciting new costumes and cool decorations. Go out and experiment with your look. Don’t miss out, be the crowd favorite and wear a Costume Cauldron ensemble to the party.  

10.01.13 ~ Halloween is NOW!

The countdown for Halloween tarts NOW! Have you thought about what costumes to wear this Halloween? Now’s the perfect time to go hunting for decorations, costume effects and makeup before everyone starts stressing out for the Holidays. You can find great accessories and makeup that are super discounted. Tired of seeing the same old Halloween Decors every year? We have whimsical Air blown Halloween lawn characters and lighting all for a cheaper value. Seek to be unique and get a fresh new look this Halloween!  

09.08.13 ~ It's Getting Close

Care to try new stuff this Halloween? Check out our new costumes from your favorite movie blockbusters! Be the talk of the town when you go trick or treating in these bad-ass costumes! You may want to create a mystic transformation with your favorite characters from the magical Land of Oz. You can save the day with your Herculean getup from the Man of Steel Costumes or be super bad counterpart; a General Zod or Faora Costume. Check out which of these costumes are on sale and be the talk of the walk this Halloween.  

07.06.13 ~ Hot New Items This Year

If you were happy with your Halloween Costume last year, our 2013 Halloween Costumes might just be more euphoric! A wide array of new and interesting stuff in line with the most recent fads in pop culture, movie, music, and so much more are now up for grabs! Now’s the time to experience these new trends and a perfect time to experiment! From fascinating decors, boots, shoes and accessories- everything that you’re looking for is here at a lesser price!  

06.06.13 ~ It's a bird! It's a Plane!

You’ll love the Man of Steel more when he makes his come back on the big screen this year. For the release, we have the perfect Man of Steel Shirts for men, women, children and even pet dogs that you can don while watching the most awaited superhero sequel. We carry quality Superman Costumes for your favorite Kyptonian. Enjoy browsing through our Superman Section and find amusing novelty items, accessories and collectibles at a very affordable price. If you enjoy seeing Clark Kent saving the world in costume, you will definitely enjoy our collection of Superman Costumes!  

05.01.13 ~ Costumes every mother loves

Her undying and unconditional love is the best love that we could ever get in this superficial world. Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching, a good way to show your appreciation is to buy her the typical gifts and flowers. Another great way to honor her throughout the year is to get her one of our iconic Mother Figure Character Costumes. We have such great movie character costumes that are perfect for mom on Halloween, Costume Parties and other events. Check out Jane Jetson’s ultramodern motherly role, or Wilma Flintstone’s prehistoric way of doing chores. You can get her to sport Carol Brady’s funky 70s look, Morticia Addam’s equally grotesque charms, or Mrs. Incredible’s look for a Super Mom! We just love Super Mom’s this Mother’s Day!  

04.02.13 ~ Not fooling around.

April fool’s day is finally over! The good news is you can still troll around to get some good laughs by pulling off simple and practical jokes that will really tickle your bones. Visit our Jokes and Novelties section and you will find some new and interesting stuff. From squirting lighters, cameras, to stuff that make up really good stage props, we got them all covered for you. We have a multitude of funny novelty items guaranteed to give you the best pranks. All it takes is a little goofiness and you’ll be laughing out loud in no time!  

02.07.13 ~ Fun Filled Mardi Gras!

Everyone will absolutely go GAGA with our Mardi Gras Costumes! Go loco over our festive masks, brightly colored demon, fairy and angel wings and chunky hats to get you geared up for a wild, crazy party. Dress up as Cupid, a clown or jester to spread more fun at the parade. Sprinkle on all the glitter and dorn outrageous makeup. Even dare to go bare with just some body paint for a costume. The revelry never stops on Fat Tuesday. Get your beads, colored wigs and wings to be part of the most vivid and colorful celebration this season! So mark your calendars for February 8!  

08.23.12 ~ Spider-man Costumes are 20% 0FF

"Thirty-eight of New York's finest vs one guy... in a UNITARD."

We have all Spider-man Costumes on sale 20% OFF until Dec 31 2012.
Also check out all the new Halloween Costumes for 2012.


04.6.12 ~ New Products for 2012!

Halloween 2012 is sure to be filled with new and unique costume ideas. We know this because we've recently added a lot of new sections for you to check out. Our favorite new section is our celebrities costumes section. In here you will find all your Lady Gaga, Political figures, and Jersey Shore characters! You can find this section under TV & Movie Costumes, where we have also added a few new options.  

Aug 25, 2011
08.18.11 ~ New Halloween Costume Products for 2011!

Right this very minute we are stocking our shelves with a complete new selection of Halloween Costumes for this years 2011 spooky season. With nearly 5000 new items added to the store, we are sure to be your only one stop shopping place for All Hallow's Eve. Items should be purchased early, gettem' before they are sold out. Visit the NEW section of our store for Halloween Costumes  

10.11.10 ~ Blink Your Way Outta This One!!

Don't stay in your bottle for these great genie costumes. Your master awaits for you to come out and grant wishes for great costumes to all! You can be Jeanie coming out of her bottle or get your guy to dress up as Major Nelson and you have a great couples costume. Get up to mischief just like Jeannie at your next Halloween party with her cute pink outfit and even her neat bottle which you can take with you wherever you go on Halloween night. You will never want to leave it after wearing these great costumes from a great retro 60s tv show!  

Oct 6, 2010
09.30.10 ~ Do The Charleston All Night Long!

Go back to the roaring 20s with gangster and flapper costumes, when prohibition was in effect and partying was all the rage. The style was short hair and short skirts. This look is easy to achieve with our great selection of flapper girl dresses wigs and accessories. You cant party the night away without a great cigarette holder or a feather boa. Be free to express yourself in the Jazz age with these great items right out of the 1920s. Be the It girl of the moment for a 20s themed Halloween party this year.  

09.20.10 ~ Im A Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World!

Are a you a Barbie girl, living a Barbie world? You should check out Barbie Costumes section under the TV & Movies Costumes section! We have Barbie the singer in a classic Black dress with long gloves and a tag. Want your boyfriend to dress up too? No problem we have Prom Ken and 60's Ken. We didn't forget about the little Barbie lover in your life, we have Barbie brides, witches, genies, and princesses all in our Barbie Costumes Section.  

09.13.10 ~ Rid'em Cowboy!

You have seen the movies with the eerie desolate ghost towns out in the desert with the tumbleweeds and swinging saloon doors, you can just picture the standoff with the two cowboys ready to draw their guns. The wild west is always exciting. This can be the inspiration for a great cowboy Halloween costume, perhaps a dead gunslinger ,long gone but still ready for a gunfight. A creepy corpse wearing a cowboy hat and boots would be an excellent example of this. Or a long dead saloon girl costume, still waiting for the men to buy her drinks.  

09.10.10 ~ Golden Sun Kissed Skin!

Can’t see yourself in a typical Halloween Costume? Looking for something that dazzles and is really unique? Why not try our Metallic Body Powder! We have Gold body paint, Silver body paint, Bronze body paint, and Copper body paint. These metallic powders are applied to the body after being combined with the mixing liquid. We strongly recommend the products associated mixing liquid rather than baby oil or other liquids. When using both the powder and mixing liquid, the mixture will then completely dry giving the illusion you are made from iron, gold, or silver! You can be your favorite Tin man, Star Wars Robot, a Rusted Statue, or perhaps a Sexy Alien from a distant planet! So for something extraordinary this Halloween, try our Metallic Powders!  

09.08.10 ~ Nurse! Nurse! Is There A Doctor In The House?

You've got a fever.. and the only prescription is a hot doctor or nurse costume! Let the healing begin in lab coats, short white dresses, thigh highs, and special shots from nurse hottie! Plenty of accessories to complete any kind doctors outfit. Check out or Doctor and Nurses Costumes section and give your Halloween night a much needed injection of sexy!  

09.03.10 ~ Have You Seen the Wee Folk?

The fairies have come out of the woods and they want you to see the great selection of costumes inspired by these pretty creatures. We have the most famous fairy of all, the Tinkerbell fairy costume and she's ready for adventure. There’s the naughty and sexy Playboy fairy if you are feeling frisky, and the dark and slightly evil Midnight fairy, with dark wings and dress. Take a trip to Paris 1890s , with the Absinthe Fairy, who’s guaranteed to be lots of fun. Get your fairy costume quickly before they all fly away!  

09.01.10 ~ Good Grief!

The Peanuts gang is back. Snoopy is laying on his doghouse waiting for you to check out the great costumes! Lucy costumes, Pigpen, Sally, Linus, Woodstock and Charlie Brown costumes. Dress up for Halloween and go out to the pumpkin patch and wait for the great pumpkin with your friends this year, or dress up as Lucy and pretend to hold the football for Charlie Brown and pull it away at the last second just like in the cartoon, or Linus and a security blanket as a prop , or Pigpen with his dirt cloud. It will be a great childhood flashback for you and your friends.  

08.30.10 ~ Everywhere You Go A Smiling Face!

Whoaaa there pony! Don't gallop past too fast, you'll miss our My Little Pony Costumes Section! Join Cherrilee, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Star Song on a magical rainbow adventure in the Friendship Garden this Halloween. These costumes are perfect for a group of great friends or sisters! Delight in the magic of Ponyville on your way to Celebration Castle! These costumes are sure to put a smile on any little pony lovers face!  

08.30.10 ~ It's Time To Put On Makeup, It's Time To Dress Up Right

It's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight!!! Flashback to your childhood, sitting in front of the TV watching the Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock. All your furry buddies are here, Gonzo costumes, Kermit costumes, Miss Piggy costumes and of course Animal costumes. Then there is the colorful Fraggles, those cute little creatures that live in caves and have exciting adventures every day. Monkey, Red, and Wembly and Gobo costumes will take you back to those days as a kid watching the show. The Muppets and Fraggles are waiting to join you for Halloween , team up with your friends and make it a Muppet show this year!  

08.27.10 ~ Suit Up Little Monsters For The Ball

What are you wearing to the Monster Ball this year ? No one can read your pokerface in our new Lady Gaga Costumes! Brand new this year we have a variety of Gaga accessories; sunglasses, gloves, head scarves and wigs. We have everything you need to complete the outfits from the Pokerface video and her 2009 Video Music Awards outfit. Whatever event you attend this Halloween you’ll be sure to have everyone’s love and revenge in these costumes!  

08.26.10 ~ One, Two Freddy's Comin For You

You will never sleep again ! But if you want to get a creepy classic costume for Halloween you might want to take a trip to dreamland if Freddy happens to be there! A Freddy Krueger costume, with his creepy face and the signature sweater is what everyone wants to dream up for Halloween! If you hear his blades scraping against the inside of your head , beware , then you know he is coming to get you. Perhaps he is in the basement and this time he may have a Mrs. Krueger with him, wearing a sexy version of his signature striped sweater and glove. He may want get you in your dreams but you can steal the great costume ideas from Elm St. itself for this Halloween!  

08.25.10 ~ Double Double, Toil and Trouble

Conjure yourself something sexy or scary to wear this Halloween as the always classic Witch. No one will put you on trial when you wear what we have to have to offer. You'll cast a spell over any event in a seductive Stitch Witch Halloween Costume, or you can delight and evoke joy as Glinda the Good Witch. We have brooms and wands, warts and pointy shoes! You may want to have long flowing curls, or short pointed tresses. No matter you choice, we have the best dresses! Down to floor, or maybe not quite&our prices are perfect for your special night. So check out our Adult Witch section and call on the power of the Gods and Goddesses to help you make your costume selection.  

08.24.10 ~ Beat It! Just Beat It! Wooo

The King of Pop lives ! Long live the King ! There is no way to easily describe Michael Jackson and his impact on the world. But we can try to do it with Michael Jackson costumes , since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Relive all the great moments in his career like Thriller and Bad with the great outfits he would wear and his unique personal style. We have a great selection of his costumes and accessories to go with them , such as the famous sequined glove and aviator shades. The red and black leather jacket and the slick military jackets with the shiny hardware. Thriller being such a famous video, why not do a ghoul style Michael Jackson just like he did in the video using makeup and his great red jacket and a wig? Everyone will know who you are portraying, and you can moonwalk through your next Halloween party wearing any one of these costumes. Don't stop till you get enough of these costumes at these great prices! You will feel invincible when you show up at this year's Halloween bash dressed like the King of Pop. There is no better way to remember him that this so beat it to the computer and order a costume today!  

08.23.10 ~ The Demigods Against the Gods of Olympus

Check out Clash of the Titans costumes in our TV & Movie costumes section. You can be the ugly Calibos trying to foil Perseus’ plans to slay the Kraken. We have their swords so you can be as authentic as possible! You can also be the lovely Aphrodite, whose beauty has been compared to the mere mortal Andromeda. If you would like to include the whole cast for your Halloween excitement, you could get creative in our Greek & Roman section. You could be Zues, Argos, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and many more!  

08.20.10 ~ WrestleMania with WWE

Its WrestleMania time! Don't get pinned against the ropes and miss out on the great deals on costumes from your favorite wrestling stars of World Wrestling Entertainment ! The Undertaker will bury you if you don't take advantage of these great Halloween costumes. John Cena costumes and Ray Mysterio costumes are all her; these costumes are insane!! This is the main event people, with all these costumes ready to go for Halloween, it would be worthy of a beat down not to check this out ! Give your friends and even your kids a play by play of the awesome selection and prices ! Wearing these costumes this Halloween is bound to make you a World Wrestling Entertainment fan instantly so get ready to rumble and go get one today !  

08.19.10 ~ That's The Way They All Became The Brady Bunch

Heres the costume, of a lovely lady, who was raising three lovely girls, all with hair of gold, like their mother.. the youngest one in curls! New this year we have the entire family of Brady Bunch costumes! We even have Alice! All costumes can be accessorized with the matching Brady wig. Check it out in our TV & Movie Costumes section! If you feel like adding more to your Brady look, check out our 60s & 70s section!  

08.18.10 ~ Join the Navi from the movie AVATAR

There's blue fever in the air and it's all because of AVATAR! Avatar costumes will transport you to another planet where theres a wonderful world of magical beasts, spirit trees and blue inhabitants. Morph yourself into Neytiri of the Navi tribe or Jake Suelly for a party or work event. Get your kids in on it while trick or treating this Halloween, it will be out of this world!!  

08.17.10 ~ Mighty Morphin Rangers - Blast'em

It's morphin time! We have everything you could need for your little Mighty Morphin Power Ranger in our TV show & Movie costume section! With our Power Ranger Blaster you won't have any trouble defeating Mora with Emperor Gruumm soon to follow. So this year for Halloween; you can destroy the orange and blue heads in a Power Ranger costume like Jack, Sky, Bridge, Z, Syd or Sam!  

08.16.10 ~ Scary Evil Clowns

Don't look under the bed , the evil clowns might get you! Instead look through our store for a creepy selection of sinister and evil clown costumes and masks. The selection of clown-wear is more than you would find under the big top... except these clowns aren't here to make anyone laugh. They will frighten children and adults alike. Maybe try a laughing clown, because you know behind that sinister smile lurks pure evil . If you're not looking for Bozo the clown, then check out our selection of demented circus freaks!!  

08.13.10 ~ It's Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th and how can we honor the day? By getting all of your Friday the 13th costumes in our Movies & TV costume section! You can be Jason Voorhees in a jumpsuit, or a little more casual in a jersey. Better yet, you can be a sexy Miss Voorhees in a mini dress jersey complete with mask! Don’t forget your fake blood and machete as the perfect Friday the 13th accessories.  

08.12.10 ~ Drink Me, Eat Me

Calling all White Rabbits and Mad Hatters! You will want to fall down the rabbit hole to the Alice In Wonderland costume section as fast as possible to get at the amazing selection of costumes! All of the characters are here to choose from, join the tea party with; Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and even the "off with her head" Red Queen! Be sure to add some curious accessories to complete your look! Don't be late to get in on this very very important date.  

Aug 13, 2010
08.07.10 ~ New items for 2010 are here

Guys and Dolls, we have just added over 3000 new items for this year. Yes we think it's pretty amazing too. The products are a wide range of items from accessories to the new and exciting movie costumes you have been waiting for. Alice In Wonderland, Clash of the Titans, The King of Pop Michael Jackson, WWE, The Muppets and of course the spectacular Avatar. This year we have doubled up on the new items, expanding the little things you want for your outfit. You'll flip for the new hats and wigs we have on the racks. Revisit us at http://www.costumecauldron.com Use coupon code HELFYRE17 for 10% off everything in the store.  

Nov 1, 2009
10.30.09 ~ Post Your Halloween Photos

We are all excited to see how you look in your new Halloween Costumes. Show the Costume Cauldron Community all the fun you had by posting your photos on our Facebook Wall. Happy Halloween! Go to the wall: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Houston-TX/Costume-Cauldron/115311908210  

Oct 23, 2009
10.23.09 ~ 7 Days Left to Buy Halloween Costumes

Shoppers, don't wait until last minute to grab some Halloween Costumes! The days are counting down for you to purchase your Halloween costumes. Don't worry though, we guarantee you will receive your package before Oct 31st 3pm or it's FREE!! Wow that's spooky. Blackout policy is now in effect for those purchasing between Oct 15th and Oct 31st.  

10.16.09 ~ 15 Days Left to Buy Halloween Costumes

Shoppers, don't wait until last minute to grab some Halloween Costumes! The days are counting down for you to purchase your Halloween costumes. Don't worry though, we guarantee you will receive your package before Oct 31st 3pm or it's FREE!! Wow that's spooky. Blackout policy is now in effect for those purchasing between Oct 15th and Oct 31st.  

Oct 15, 2009
10.15.09 ~ Costume Cauldron Ships Halloween Costumes At No Charge... Last day

Today is the last day for our complimentary shipping. You have until 12 o'clock tonight (central time) to place your orders. After that our yearly coupon codes will be in effect for continued savings for the Halloween Costume season.  

09.17.09 ~ We Ship Halloween Costumes At No Charge... Again

FREE SHIPPING is back by popular demand! We will ship your package free of charge via standard shipping(7-10 days) if your total order is equal to or more than $75 before the packaging fee and your shipping address is within the continental United States not including HI, AK, PR, APO or FPO.

Free Shipping Details  

Sep 11, 2009
09.11.09 ~ 4 More Days for Shipping Halloween Costumes At No Charge

Only 4 more days for our FREE SHIPPING promotion. We will ship your package free of charge via standard shipping(7-10 days) if your total order is equal to or more than $75 before the packaging fee and your shipping address is within the continental United States not including HI, AK, PR, APO or FPO.

Free Shipping  

Sep 1, 2009
09.01.09 ~ We Ship Halloween Costumes At No Charge

We will ship your package free of charge via standard shipping(7-10 days) if your total order is equal to or more than $75 before the packaging fee and your shipping address is within the continental United States not including HI, AK, PR, APO or FPO.

Free Shipping  

Aug 20, 2009
09.20.09 ~ Costume Cauldron's own Facebook Fan Page

Getting ready for Halloween yet? We would like to invite you to join us on Facebook! Join our fan page and connect with other shoppers to discuss our store and your purchases, add your own photos in costume, add reviews and interact with us. You can also keep up to date on news and coupons. We monitor this page and can facilitate an open dialog with our customers in an online community setting. It's important to us to have transparency between our company and its valued customers. See you there! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Houston-TX/Costume-Cauldron/115311908210  

04.07.09 ~ New Products for 2009

We are in great anticipation of a large list of over 2000 new products for this coming year. The expected products will be integrated into our web store in the coming months and will be available for immediate purchase. Some of the expected products will be an expansion of the high quality costumes shipped to your door in a protected garment bag for easy storage and preservation. Keep an eye out for our ever expanding sexy costumes and some fantastic officially licensed costumes to include "The Watchman" and many many others. We will keep you updated on the release date of these great additions coming this summer!

Note: for those costumes on our website that show out of stock, enter your email address to be alerted when they are available for purchase. Our new line of products for 2009 will show this status until they are ready to ship.  

Oct 13, 2008
10.14.08 ~ Our Annual 2008 USPS mailer is now out

For those customers who did not receive this years postcard flyer in the mail we have also sent out a copy to your email for quick referencing. Signing up for our newsletter will keep you up to date on what's happening in the store and also allow you to get in on great savings with coupon code promotions. Please forward a copy to friends and family that will find our mailer useful.  

10.07.08 ~ International shipping discontinued until January 2009

We ship anywhere in the world typically but our shipping system has been changed recently and we were unable to install international shipping abilities for the busy Halloween season. We do apologize for those valued international customers, but we currently only ship within the US and to Canada. We look forward to shipping internationally after the New Year. You may still shop at our store using a personal shopper or mail forwarding service such as bongous.com and have them forward the order to you through their service.  

08.15.08 ~ Sale

See our up to 50% off sale for great savings!  

08.01.08 ~ Fully Loaded for the Halloween Season!

We have completed the integration of all the new products for 2008. We will have a link up on the homepage shortly to access them as a category. With the addition of approximately 2000 new items this year, that brings our total inventory over 2000 costumes and accessories for you to choose from this holiday season. The stock levels on these new items won't last so get your mouse moving and buy your Halloween getup before they are all gone!  

04.12.08 ~ New Products for 2008

We are delighted to report that currently we are processing a large list of over 2000 new products for this year. The expected products will be integrated into our web store in the coming month and will be available for immediate purchase. Some of the expected products will be high quality costumes made by a US manufacture that are shipped to your door in a protected garment bag for easy storage and preservation. Also we are expanding the Officially Licensed costumes to include the much successful movies Iron Man, Batman - Dark Knight, incredible Hulk and many many others. We will keep you updated to the release date of these great additions.  

05.27.08 ~ Costume Cauldron Shipping Now Only $6.99

Our current promotion - only $6.99 SHIPPING on orders shipped within the continental United States. We will ship your package, any size, for $6.99 via UPS ground(up to 7 days travel time) if your shipping address is within the continental United States not including HI, AK, GU, PR, VI, APO or FPO. At checkout you will see the $6.99 SHIPPING option. If you wish faster service you may elect to choose other available options to pay for faster shipping. Promotion ends Sept 26 2008. note: our $5.95 package and handling fee still applies with this offer. This offer is non refundable on returns or exchanges. We reserve the right to cancel this promotion before the deadline and for orders we feel do not qualify for the shipping discount.  

11.27.07 ~ Customer Service LIVE CHAT

Now with the added ease of our quick chat feature, all our customers who have questions can receive fast answers. On the right side of every page you will see a green graphic with a LIVE CHAT SUPPORT link that will take you to our secure chat window to converse with one of our customer service representatives. No more waiting on busy phone lines. Use the convenience of your own computer terminal, straight from the website, to have your product questions answered. Also for your convenience the same link is located on our contact page. Don't be shy give our chat feature a click.  

07.27.06 ~ site search

We now have a new site search feature that is better than ever! If you are searching our site for something specific, just type it in the text area and hit search. Our site search engine does the rest; finding all products that have that word in the title or description. Get really fancy and use the Advanced Search and search products with all of the words typed, with the exact phrase, with at least one of the words, without the words. Even narrow down the search by category and price. Go search it shoppers!  

07.26.06 ~ newsletter

Joining our newsletter is easy! Just add your email address to the bottom left section where it reads "Join Our Newsletter". Receive all of our news and be up to date on upcoming sales and new items. For or valued Customer/Newsletter Subscribers we play favorites, giving out cash saving coupons and free gifts. All customers that make a purchase in our store are automatically entered into our subscriber database.  

07.25.06 ~ hot items

Shop our Hot Items! This new feature allows you to see what our customers are buying the most of recently. For all those trend followers out there there is the feature you have been waiting for. In the bottom left of our website under the heading "Hot Items". A list of our top 5 are now being listed.  

07.19.06 ~ shop by price

Shop our store by price! This new feature allows you to scan our inventory by a price range you set. In the bottom left of our website under the heading " Shop by Price", just click on the appropriate price range for you and all products will be available to you.  

07.12.06 ~ email a friend

Customers can now use our "email a friend" feature to send important products of interest to friends and family that may also like to view what is being sold on our site. This feature is now shown on all product display pages with a link "Email this to a friend". Once clicked, you will be directed to a new page to email your friend(s) about the product. Here you will fill in the appropriate email address(es) and a short comment, click send and off it goes!  

07.10.06 ~ integration

Our new integration is coming along nicely. Although our customers will not see these changes until the we launch the new shopping cart.  

07.07.06 ~ large photos

Our website is currently going through many changes to it administration side to help with the new shopping cart integration. Larger photos of our products will be available for our customers to view. This is beneficial for those of you who like to see up close and personal with those detailed views. Also our product listings will have the navigation panel on the left hand side for easier navigation.  

04.21.05 ~ new shopping cart software

We will soon be switching our shopping cart software from Yahoo's Shopping Network to the new Monster Commerce solution. This move will upgrade our website to better serve our customers. With new innovative features that our current shopping cart does not provide, our site will be easier to navigate with smoother transactions.