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the homicidal Fireflys are on the loose and running amock
Blood is thicker than water and the Firefly family put that old adage to the test. Set two years after House of 1,000 Corpses, the homicidal Fireflys are on the loose and running amok. With the family separated, things go from bad to worse. So make it a family affair this Halloween with these Devils Rejects costumes! The head of the family tree, a Captain Spaulding costume looks like a demented, bearded clown and his demeanor about fits that description. With his beat up clothes and a Captain Spaulding mask to help you complete the look, you'll be the most perturbed patriarch in film history. And don't forget about Otis. With an Otis mask, you'll have his trademark helmet ready to slash up a motel full of patrons. Throw in the cute but crazy Baby costume and your fatal family of Devils Rejects is complete. These siblings are loyal to the end, bowing out in a blaze of glory. So from birth to the grave, follow these famous family members with our adult Devil's Rejects costumes that'll put the test to your kin's bloody bonds.

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Blood Gallon

Price: USD $37.95
Non-toxic, realistic, Hollywood Style Blood. 1 Gallon.

Devils Rejects Otis

Price: USD $48.95

Blood Stage 1 Oz

Price: USD $4.95



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