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TV's infamous dysfunctional family, the Griffins, are back and now in Family Guy costume form! Replete with cutaway gags and parodies, the Griffins from Quahog, Rhode Island are a fan favorite and ready to make your Halloween party guests laugh along! Start with the prototypical father in a Peter Griffin costume. With his ever-worn white shirt and green pants, the portly father's look is helped along with a Peter mask to showcase his glasses and unique chin. Dress up your dog as the talking, alcoholic family pet Brian, or dress up your child with a kids Stewie costume. Bent on conquering the world and killing his mother, Lois, a Stewie mask will help you get his football-shaped head. You'll be screaming “Victory is mine!” in no time! Don't forget about Chris, Meg, and the neighbors like Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe. With a whole cast of colorful and off-color characters alike, these Family Guy costumes are sweeeeet...

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Brian Fabric Headpiece

Out of stock until Aug 2014

Brian Plush Male 42-46

Price: USD $60.95

Family Guy Sassy Brian 12-14

Price: USD $40.95

Family Guy Sassy Brian 4-6

Price: USD $40.95

Family Guy Sassy Brian 8-10

Price: USD $40.95

Family Guy Stewie

Price: USD $58.95
Hey big man, turn around... It's Stewy Griffin!

Peter Griffin (Dad) Mask

Out of stock until Aug 2014

Stewie Alternative 42-46

Price: USD $30.95

Stewie Alternative 50-52

Price: USD $30.95

Stewie Teen

Price: USD $59.95

Stewie Vinyl Mask

Out of stock until Aug 2014



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