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the crystal ball reveals in your near future ...
If you wish, learn something about fortune telling and buy yourself a crystal ball. You can set up a party-based fortune-telling table and call yourself an exotic name perfect for your friends. Then, gaze into your crystal ball and spin a yarn. If you wish, try your hand at the Tarot cards and give your friends a glimpse of the future. Wear heavy, black eyeliner and bright red lipstick to look the part. Speak in a deep and throaty voice as you reveal your secrets.

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Coin Adult Belt

Price: USD $13.91

Crystal Ball With Stand

Price: USD $14.91

Good Fortune Xs

Price: USD $24.91

Gypsy Princess Teen Md-Lg

Price: USD $15.99
Your fortune will be revealed as Romanian royalty when you show off your stuff in this flirty princess gypsy dress.

Gypsy Princess Xs

Price: USD $49.91

Tarot Card Sm Adult Costume 4-6

Price: USD $59.91

Turban Dlx Gold W Plume

Price: USD $19.91

Turban Dlx Silver W Plume

Price: USD $19.91