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tie the kimono's obi in the back... unless of course you want to be accessible
Japanese Geisha Costumes  from
For color, culture, and a taste of the Orient, bow to our selection of Japanese geisha costumes. Start your Geisha Halloween costume with one of our classic kimonos, Memoir of a Geisha costume, or a very sultry Asian Geisha girl print tube dresses. Vibrant pinks, reds, and blues turn you into a sophisticated, educated, and well versed conversationalist.

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Curissa Cancer Awareness Sz 7

Price: USD $59.91

Curissa Cancer Awareness Sz 8

Price: USD $59.91

Curissa Cancer Awareness Sz 9

Price: USD $59.91

Dragon Geisha Adult Sz 12 14

Price: USD $36.91
You'll stop, drop and drag-on (get it?) any man who crosses your path in this mesmerizing dragon Geisha gown.

Geisha Better Black Wig

Price: USD $29.91

Geisha Fan

Price: USD $5.91
A perfect accessory. Classic black and red folding fan.

Geisha Womens Lg French Kiss

Price: USD $19.91

Geisha Womens Md French Kiss

Price: USD $19.91

Geisha Womens Sm French Kiss

Price: USD $19.91

Kimono Red

Price: USD $48.91
Be a part of the mysteries of the Orient, with this classy Halloween costume.

Makeup Kit Scarlet Seductress

Price: USD $5.91

Mehron Clown White 2 Oz

Price: USD $5.91

Mehron Paradise Makeup Detailz Black

Price: USD $6.91

Paradise Pro Dark Pink

Price: USD $9.91

Paradise Pro Red

Price: USD $9.91

Powder Puff

Sale Price: USD $4.49



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