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medieval knights served their king? ...what did they serve them?
Renaissance & Medieval Kids Halloween Costumes from
Take your place at King Arthur's Round Table with our kids knight Halloween costumes, rife with swords, shields and suits of armour. You can also roam the countryside with our kids gypsy Halloween costumes or, for a touch of romance, try a kids maiden Halloween costume, either as a damsel in distress or a passionate queen of your kingdom.

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Antique Gold Shield

Price: USD $9.91

Baroness Small

Price: USD $19.91
Let it be known that the Baroness has arrived, all bow low and say Hazzah!

Chains W-Handcuffs

Price: USD $20.91

Crusader Play Set

Price: USD $14.91
The bravest knights in the land wear this realistic-looking armor!

Flower Princess Velvet Child Md

Price: USD $9.91

Flower Princess Velvet Child Sm

Price: USD $9.91

Gloves Satin Adult Long Yellow

Price: USD $10.91

Gloves Wet Look Opera Length

Price: USD $16.91

Juliet Velvet Child Sm

Price: USD $19.91

Regal Queen Child Lg

Price: USD $29.91

Regal Queen Child Sm

Price: USD $29.91

Renaissance Princess Velvet Child Sm

Price: USD $14.91

Warrior King Child Costume Sm

Price: USD $27.91



"Thank you so much for shipping our order so quickly. It arrived this morning and we were so relieved as it is required in 3 days time. We can't wait to see everyone's reaction at muck up day at school, when the bowling ball knocks all 11 bowling pins over to the tune of 'I get knocked down, but I get up again."
Vicki O'Neill - Sunbury, Australia