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medieval knights served their king? ...what did they serve?
Royal kings and majestic queens, fair maidens, noble knights, gypsies and medieval artisans, we have teen costumes for almost every requirement of the days gone by with our extensive collection of teen medieval Halloween costumes and teen Renaissance Halloween costumes. You can dress up in a teen knight costume and pretend to slay beasts and dragons plaguing the land, as well as rescue fair teen maidens from the clutches of witches and dragons. We will array you in full knightly teen costume replete with shields and swords, helmets and flails and lances, so that you can ride out and defend your fair teen maiden at a moments notice.

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Chains W-Handcuffs

Price: USD $20.91

Deadly Huntress Adult Costume Sm

Price: USD $39.99

Excalibur Sword

Price: USD $6.91

Fencing Sword Deluxe

Price: USD $6.91

Helmet Liner

Price: USD $15.91

Knight In Shining Armour Adult Costume

Price: USD $149.91

Knight To Remember Female Adult Costume Sm

Price: USD $36.91

Lady Capulet Adult Costume Sm 4-6

Price: USD $39.91

Leg Armor 2 Piece Set

Price: USD $5.91

Medieval Knight Adult Costume

Price: USD $53.91

Medieval Shirt Standard Adult

Price: USD $26.91

Medieval Tabard Adult Costume Red & Blue

Price: USD $29.91

Medieval Tabard Blue & Black

Price: USD $29.91

Renaissance Black Adult Wig

Price: USD $28.91

Renaissance Long Sleeve White Lg

Price: USD $19.91

Renaissance Long Sleeve White Sm

Price: USD $19.91

Royal Shield

Price: USD $9.91

Shoe Roman Sandal Men Sm

Price: USD $39.91



" I looked all over, at a bunch of different websites, and you guys had the best price on the costume I wanted. Thank you!"
Laura Tardio - Escondido, CA