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at ease soldier, it's party time
We have teen uniform costumes for the various military branches, including the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force and even the Army. We even have police uniforms as well as sailor and specific pilot's uniforms, replete with medals and tags as well as hats and swords.

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All Aboard Small

Price: USD $39.91

Army Adult Helmet

Price: USD $9.91

Astronaut Orange Teen

Price: USD $39.91

Astronaut Sexy Orange Sm

Price: USD $41.91

Astronaut White Teen

Price: USD $39.91

Aviator Cap

Price: USD $9.99

Backdraft Babe Xsm

Price: USD $29.59

Belt And Holster Set Black

Price: USD $11.91

Biohazard Agent Latex Costume Mask

Price: USD $22.91

Blast Off Astronaut Sm

Price: USD $47.91

Camo Hockey Mask

Price: USD $7.91

Captain Hat

Price: USD $6.91

Captain's Adult Hat

Price: USD $6.49

Combat Hero Bars

Price: USD $6.91

Combat Hero Medals Set Of 3

Price: USD $5.91

Dog Tag Necklace

Price: USD $5.91

Fireman Hat Child 1 Sz

Price: USD $5.91

Firemans Hat

Price: USD $5.91

High Seas Hottie Adult Sm-Med

Price: USD $52.91

Hot Spot Honey Adult Costume Sm 4-6

Price: USD $29.91

Morph Suit Zentai Camo Teen Skin Spandex Suit

Price: USD $37.91

Naughty Sailor Adult Costume Sm-Med

Price: USD $17.91

Naval Pinup Adult Sm

Price: USD $54.91

Police Action Rifle

Price: USD $16.91

Police Billy Club

Price: USD $5.91

Quaker Hat Sm

Price: USD $44.91

Sailor Sm Size 2-6

Price: USD $19.91
Get set for some maritime fun. NEW ladies sailor costume for Halloween '09!

Seal Team Teen Costume

Price: USD $43.91

Seal Team Teen Costume XLg 14-16

Price: USD $41.91

Shes On Sail Sm

Price: USD $24.91

Ship-Shape Sweetie Sm

Price: USD $19.91

Shipmate Cutie Xs

Price: USD $31.99
Set sail for sexy fun! This nautical lovely lady is ready to bring a bit of sea faring fun to your next celebration!

Special Force Action Rifle

Price: USD $16.91

Sunstache Fire Chief

Price: USD $9.91

Sweetheart Firefighter Jr M L

Price: USD $24.91

Top Gun Flight Suit Sm-Md

Price: USD $59.99

Top Gun Jacket Sm

Price: USD $63.99

Union Officer Adult Costume Standard

Price: USD $49.91

Warrior Huntress - Red Tween Sm

Price: USD $28.91

Warrior Huntress Red Tween 10-12

Price: USD $28.91

Warrior Huntress Red Tween 12-14

Price: USD $28.91



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