Pumpkin Carving
that poor jack-o-lantern didn't stand a chance against the knife
Pumpkins used to be associated with the harvest but Jack-O-Lanterns are now the most recognizable Halloween symbol. So how are you going to celebrate? You could carve the usual toothy grin and angry eyes or you could pick up a pumpkin carving pattern and make some truly amazing designs! We have Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney Princess pumpkin carving patterns or dress up a pumpkin with Mr. Potato Head accessories. For a full package, try a pumpkin carving kit that includes patterns, tools, and instructions to help you along. If you're concerned your artistic skills might be lacking, these pumpkin carving kits will make it as easy as 1-2-3! And what are you going to carve with? A simple knife is just going to hack the poor pumpkin to bits but our pumpkin carving tools will help you realize your new designs with precision and ease! And if you could use a little know-how on getting started, a pumpkin carving book might be right up your alley. With simple instructions, you too can be a pumpkin Picasso. So roll up your sleeves, empty out your gourd, and get to work on your most mind-blowing Halloween Jack O'Lantern yet!

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Angry Bird Red Bird Push-In

Price: USD $19.95

Cat-Pumpkin Push Ins

Price: USD $13.95

Mist Maker With Led

Price: USD $24.95

Pumpkin Push Pins

Price: USD $10.95

Pumpkin Rot Latex Mask

Price: USD $59.95
One evil pumpkin mask. Complete over the head latex mask. T

Pumpkin Rotting Decor 17 Inch Tall

Price: USD $42.95

Rat-Pumpkin Push Ins

Price: USD $13.95

Scary Pumpkin Mask

Price: USD $8.95

Spider-Man Pumpkin Push-In

Price: USD $19.95



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