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Horror films have never turned the torture back on the victims themselves quite like Saw. Having to self-mutilate themselves to survive while the villainous Jigsaw puppet watches, the Saw films have become a fan-favorite high concept series. So instead of sticking to the usual cast of horror film monsters, try our creepy Saw pig head masks and Saw puppet costumes! Start your adult Saw costume with his infamous circus-esque Saw mask, with his red spiral cheeks, scraggly black hair, and blood red eyes. After your Saw puppet mask is on, finish off the mannequin look with a suit and gloves. For your Saw pig head mask, don the pig head mask and zip up a Saw trench coat, with red accents that will creep out your victims. Add some accessories to your Saw costume with blood, scene setters, or even a fake saw to cut your own arm off with. So torture up the fun and scare your friends with our authentic Saw costumes this Halloween!

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Adult Saw Ii Pig Trenchcoat And Mask

Price: USD $108.95
There are few movies more terrifying than Saw. Well, perhaps, Saw II. This costume does much to prove that point.

Adult Saw Ii Saw Puppet

Price: USD $140.95
This unsettling puppet will strike fear in the hearts of all who behold him. You can really make them scream at the next Halloween gathering with this film inspired ensemble.

Bladed Weapon

Price: USD $9.95

Blood Gallon

Price: USD $38.95
Non-toxic, realistic, Hollywood Style Blood. 1 Gallon.

Blood Pint Plasma Bottle

Out of stock until Aug 2014

Saw Jigsaw Face Cling

Out of stock until Aug 2014

Saw Makeup Kit

Price: USD $9.95

Saw Pig Economy Adult Men Large

Price: USD $58.95

Saw Pig Economy Adult Men Med

Price: USD $58.95

Saw Pig Economy Adult Men Sm

Price: USD $58.95

Saw Pig Head Mask

Price: USD $50.95

Saw Puppet Economy Adult Men Lg

Price: USD $58.95

Saw Puppet Economy Adult Men Md

Price: USD $58.95

Saw Puppet Economy Adult Men Sm

Price: USD $58.95

Saw Puppet Mask

PVC vinyl 3/4 mask with netted hair that makes up the back
Out of stock until Aug 2014

Saw Puppet Mask

Price: USD $48.95

Saw Scene Setters 3 Designs

Price: USD $12.95

Sawed Weapon

Price: USD $13.95



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