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hello, who is this? You tell me you're name I'll tell you mine
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The quintessential horror film homage bursts from the silver screen to your next Halloween costume with our Scream costumes! Wes Craven's cult classic about a killer armed with a phone and movie references has spawned two sequels and revitalized the slasher films and now makes a great Halloween costume to complete your icons of horror theme! Start with the infamous white ghostly Scream mask and throw on a Scream kids robe. Black, tattered, and ready to dash around, targeting immoral teens, you're almost set to go. But don't stop there. Don't forget a Scream knife, either with sounds or even glow in the dark! Stock up on some fake blood and you're ready to re-enact your favourite scene. So forget the usual Michaels, Freddys, and Jasons out there. This year, slash up the good times in your new Scream Halloween costume. And if someone knocks, don't ask “who's there?"" Don't you watch scary movies? It's a death wish!

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Blood Gallon

Price: USD $37.91
Non-toxic, realistic, Hollywood Style Blood. 1 Gallon.

Dagger Rubber Deluxe

Price: USD $5.91

Gf Collector Ed Adult

Price: USD $19.91

Gf Collector Ed Plus Size

Price: USD $19.91

Gf Zombie Collector Ed Adult

Price: USD $19.91

Gf Zombie Collector Ed Plus

Price: USD $19.91

Gf Zombie Collectr Ed Lg 12-14

Price: USD $19.91

Ghost Face Female Md Lg

Price: USD $19.91

Ghost Face Female Plus Size

Price: USD $19.91

Ghost Face W Knife Mask

Price: USD $10.91

Ghost Face Zombie

Price: USD $8.91

Horror Robe Child Dlx

Price: USD $24.91
When it is time to leave this earth, the black robed messenger of death will knock and you must answer

Knife Scream Ii Glow Dark

Price: USD $5.91
Realistically sized knife that will glow in the dark.

Knife W Sound Classic Horror

Price: USD $5.91

Blood Stage 1 Oz

Price: USD $5.91


Price: USD $27.91

Scream Child Costume

Price: USD $20.91
This simple yet scary ensemble is the perfect choice for your child’s next Halloween gathering. Let him have fun with a spooky style!

Scream Knife Silver

Price: USD $5.91
Almost 22 inch long plastic horror knife.

Scream Mtv Movie Mask

Price: USD $10.91

Scream Queen Mask and Cape Adult

Price: USD $44.91

Survival Knife

Sale Price: USD $4.49

Zombie Ghost Face Adult Plus

Price: USD $35.91

Zombie Ghost Face Teen

Price: USD $28.91



" I looked all over, at a bunch of different websites, and you guys had the best price on the costume I wanted. Thank you!"
Laura Tardio - Escondido, CA