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this graveyard sure is smokey
You know those horror movies where the attractive teens skulk up to a haunted house and there's always fog or smoke to give it that extra creepy effect? Now you too can steal from the Hollywood effects and turn your home into the ultimate Halloween haunt.

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Bubble Solution Gallon

Price: USD $24.95

DVD How To Be A Ventriloquist

Price: USD $35.95

DVD Spring Animal Teach In

Price: USD $20.95

Fog Fluid 1L

Price: USD $32.95

Fog Juice 1Gal Hollywood

Price: USD $24.95

Fog Machine 1000W

Price: USD $88.95

Fog Machine 400W With Wireless

Price: USD $47.95

Fog Machine Cleaning Fluid Qt

Price: USD $14.95

Fog Machine Timer

Price: USD $25.95

Fog Machine Wireless Remote

Price: USD $24.95

Fog Scents Haunted Smells

Price: USD $7.95

Fogger Ground

Price: USD $70.95

Groundbreaker Fogging Ghoul

Price: USD $53.95

Mist Maker With Led

Price: USD $24.95

Snow Machine

Price: USD $62.95



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"Hi my name is Jessica and I'm calling from Seattle Washington. I was just calling to say thank you for the costume that I got from you last Halloween. It was a fairy costume, the pink fairy costume and I went out to the club I was getting compliments all night. It was so much better than having to scrabble around to make my own costume. The delivery came quickly and I was ready to go for the night so thanks a lot. I will be ordering from you again this year."
Jessica Dubick - Seattle, WA