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Take your favorite characters from the tube and wear them out this Halloween. For the ultimate in comic book character costume selection and authentic real movie costumes, you’ve come to the right place. Leap tall buildings, run faster than a speeding bullet, and bring capes back into fashion with these super comic book costumes! Armed with utilities belts, whips, and super powers the likes of which mere Earthlings have never seen, you’ll be ready to leap into action with these dynamic character costumes! From geek to chic, our comic, TV, and movie costumes have got you covered in Hollywood hotness!

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Our modern day myths come from many sources but few as dynamic and widely popular as on film, television, and in comic books. Heroes and villains come in all shapes, sizes, and spandex suits and we’ve brought them all together to help you find the right film and TV costume that best suits your personality and tastes! If you’re looking for movie character costumes, think about your favorite movies and what costumes would suit you. Science fiction? Action hero? Horror flick? Let us help you find the right gear to fend off attacks by aliens, monsters, or madmen. For your TV character costume, we have all kinds of genres, from classic blasts from the pasts to modern day classics in the making.

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