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everyone hold hands in teletubby land
When the baby-faced sun comes up, it's time for the Teletubbies to play! Rolling, laughing, playing, answering the telephone and looking out for pinwheels makes for a full day in Teletubbyland and just like your little ones too. So why not dress them up in a kids Teletubby costume this Halloween and let them play their favourite character? For your taller toddler, try out a purple kids Tinky Winky costume, complete with a triangle on his head and TV screen on his tummy. The green kids Dipsy costume has his dipstick horn coming from his head while the youngest member is here in a kids Po costume is red and with a circle. Rounding the gang off is a yellow kids Laa-Laa costume with her curly antennae. And for you big kids, we have adult Teletubby costumes too. Base them off your height or favourite color like the tall adult Tinky Winky costume or shorter adult Po costume. For green, try an adult Dipsy costume or a yellow adult Laa-Laa costume. To get your kids out of the Tubbytronic Superdome and into some super cute and super soft Teletubby costumes for Halloween this year. “Eh oh!”

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Dipsy Toddler Costume

Price: USD $29.91
Give your child the chance to be their favorite teletubbies character with this Dipsy costume!

Toddler Tinky Winky 12-24 months

Price: USD $30.95
This Tinky Winky costume is sure to delight any young teletubby fan!



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"My name is Alicia Rabbitt. I found Costume Cauldron on Google. I phoned customer service about the products. I haven't ordered my costume yet. I had questions about it regarding the petticoat and different parts of it. The customer service there was great. He actually went and pulled the costume right out and looked at it to tell me if what I was looking at was included. I do plan on buying the Alpine Girl costume this year. Hopefully it will all work out and be great. I definitely will be using them again in the future. Thank you very much."
Alicia Rabbitt - Edgartown, MA