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v works to destroy the totalitarian government that suppresses you
In a dystopian London of the future, a masked anarchist named “V” and dressed as Guy Fawkes begins a theatrical campaign to bring down the corrupt government. Alan Moore's 1982 graphic novel later became a motion picture starring Natalie Portman and has become a staple of great costumes. So this year might be your year to remember the fifth of November and get into trouble with an adult V for Vendetta costume! With a dashing black trousers, gloves, and boots, V is ready to fire up the night sky with explosives. To get that shoulder length hair, try our V for Vendetta wigs and top it off with a wide-brimmed hat. Armed with daggers, our kids V for Vendetta costume kits even come with everything you need to get started! So rescue your own Evey Hammond, exact your revenge, and take to the night with a V for Vendetta costume that'll leave you a tragic hero and a beacon of hope for the disenfranchised!

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Adult V For Vendetta Costume

Price: USD $58.95
This mysterious film inspired costume is the perfect choice for a little theatrical swordplay at your next Halloween get together!

V For Vendetta Adult Sexy Lg

Price: USD $39.95

V For Vendetta Adult Sexy Md

Price: USD $39.95

V For Vendetta Adult Sexy Sm

Price: USD $39.95

V For Vendetta Adult Sexy Xs

Price: USD $49.95

V For Vendetta Alternative Adult Costume Std

Price: USD $20.95

V For Vendetta Alternative Adult Costume Xl

Price: USD $20.95

V For Vendetta Belt W Daggers

Price: USD $23.95
Vinyl belt with buckle and six plastic daggers.

V For Vendetta Gloves

Price: USD $16.95

V For Vendetta Hat

Price: USD $13.95
Lightweight flexible vinyl hat.

V For Vendetta Kit

Price: USD $45.95

V For Vendetta Mask

Price: USD $8.95
Lightweight plastic V face mask.

V For Vendetta Wig

Price: USD $19.95

Vendetta Grand Heritage Adult Xl

Price: USD $144.95



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