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From the battle of the Hoarde and the Alliance to your next Halloween party, we've got your World of Warcraft costume needs here. Fuel up with World of Warcaft Cyclops costume or World of Warcraft Orc costume and spread fear throughout the lands as you build your dark armies. Or defend your lands with a World of Warcraft Warrior costume. Or maybe clean house in a World of Warcraft Reaper costume. Whatever battle lines you draw either online or for Halloween, Whether you want to wear these WoW costumes out to Halloween or while you're playing online (hey, we don't judge), let us help you turn yourself into the most powerful Orc you can be.

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Illidan Latex Mask

Price: USD $89.91

Lothar Muscle Kids Costume XLarge 14-16

Price: USD $41.91

Lothar Muscle Adult Costume Large 42-46

Price: USD $69.91

Lothar Muscle Adult Costume Xlarge 50-52

Price: USD $69.91

Lothar Muscle Adult Teen Costume 38-40

Price: USD $69.91

Lothar Muscle Kids Costume Large 10-12

Price: USD $41.91

Lothar Muscle Kids Costume Medium 7-8

Price: USD $41.91

Mohawk Grenade Latex Mask

Price: USD $52.91

Orc Latex Mask

Price: USD $54.91

Tauren Latex Mask

Price: USD $109.91



"Wig Super Fro Black: Initially, I was disappointed with this since itís package was so compacted. However, my wife worked magic with the Afro pic that was provided and then it sprung to life. Iím a bald man and I loved the laughs that it brought when I wore it! My wife glamed herself all up as a 60ís dancer and rocked that wig too! A lot of fun can be had with it. I wonít be putting it back in to itís package however. Iíll keep it isolated to perseverance its appearance. "
Peter Ryan - Moncton NB, Canada